Eternal Circle


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n my loneliest hour a demon came to me one night and said to me: "Tell me, do you love this life? Because you will have to live it a and again. The great as well as the despicable things, every pleasure and sorrow. So, tell me, do you love this life?".

You are asking me if I cursed this demon? No, I just said: "My friend… I want this".

The Eternal Wheel – the main idea behind the album. That is why Nietzsche’s Demon and his story appear here. This time the everlasting circle of birth, growing and death is seen from the perspective of the eternal recurrence. Nietzsche’s Demon forces us to make a step forward, to evolve into a higher form. Some other themes which appear in the lyrics are connected with the pre-christian spirituality of the lands we come from. All this is interwoven with some visions and dreams.
Circles within circles. Repeat the journey – again and again, without end. Journey, return, a circle… Silence and word, a conflict… At all places in this time. In no places at no time.

The eternal wheel in motion. It all goes forth all the time. And it all will always return – even when death does you apart.

Many different worlds, yet each of them becomes the real one. Each of them starts to live within you, and you start to live within each of these worlds. The prisoner of the worlds.

Spaces – times – motion. Journey – aim – loot. Victory – rest – stagnation. Search – mistake – downfall. Death – spaces – times…

Travelling through space and through time – on the circumference. How to get out of the circle? How to return to the centre? Straight to the zero point… The beginning…
The same path I tread, wandering the ages, among the spirits of my earth, my blood. I can see her travelling just a few steps ahead of me. She is dressed only in the Sun, Moon, clouds and stars. Clothed in them she walks the eternal circle. Step by step I follow her in this eternal chase for what I desire. I clearly see her dancing in the slow, spiral movements of our Galaxy. I gaze into her eyes –shining stars. I chase comets so as to become entangled in her plaits. Driven by some strange longing, I still find her reflection in this unearthly momentum of light, thought, and space…

Who sent her? What news does she bring? Is she for me, here and now? Or maybe she already was? Or she will be? The same path she treads, wandering the ages. With a furtive smile she tramps through the circles. From time without end till time without end.

Love your life, this eternal chase, this wandering without end. Love the one you are chasing – the one clothed in the Sun, embellished by the Moon. There is an entire Galaxy in her and she herself is a Galaxy. Follow her – where lands to be conquered. New thoughts, ideas. Warriors to be defeated. The spirit of the expanding universe. The race of conquerors. Follow her to this place – where spaces, times, motion. Journey, aim, loot. Victory, rest and stagnation. So – again in motion, start searching which will inevitably lead to some mistake – sooner or later. And so – downfall. And death… Death, spaces, times…


released October 10, 2010



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Witching Hour Productions Poland

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